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Welcome to our site, Tomoe-ya Samurai Gallery!!
We treat a fantastic Beautiful Authentic Art And Antiques!





巴屋サムライギャラリー 前田真由美








If you could meet Japanese swords and sword fittings, you may be the chosen person.

Only the strength of the weapon is imagined by a samurai or a soldier

for Japanese swords and sword fittings. However, when a real

samurai sword is seen, it’s delicate with the wonderfulness of

the decorative technology, and we’ve noticed elegant pure beauty.

Japanese people are hardly noticing the beauty about sword fittings in particular.

Overseas people fall in love obediently in its beauty and charm.

I agree to the feeling perfectly. Too much beautiness of swords and sword fittings sometimes stops my heart.

Hi there:

I’m Mayumi Maeda of the Tomoeya-samurai-gallery owner.

Tomoe is a famous female soldier’s name from the Heian Period.

She fought by the field with her partner and assisted.

I included the feeling that I’d like to go out to  fields and assist

in you as a partner by the world of antiques and made a store by her name.

I can speak English. (But not very well.)

I talked with a lot of national people happily and have experience in business.

I also love collecting Japanes swords and Japanese sword fittings in the same way you do.

There aren’t many ladies engaging in business in this world. Would this rare?

I’ve been a sales assistant for Japanese swords and antique for about 7 years,

and it’s been about 4 years since it becomes independent.

The number of the sword fittings and Japanese swords I’ve seen would exceed 3000.

And Japanese can be read of course, so I’m also good at studying the sword fittings.

Please enjoy shopping in which is young, and it’s a friendly style vigorously

Thank you

Mayumi Maeda, Tokyo Japan